Subliminal Radio™ is an independent Los Angeles radio station representing the global #EDM and #LGBTQ communities with #EQUALITY and #HOUSEMUSIC 4 ALL! Zero tolerance for H8. Bi, Straight, Gay, Black, White, Brown, Male, Female or Trans-gender… We all have something in common… United We Dance!™

Subliminal Radio™ replaces tired AM/FM radio and generic algorithm based apps with an experience you can’t hear anywhere else! Subliminal Radio is dedicated to giving you music, culture and lifestyle that reflects our community. Community outreach is at the heart of everything we do.

Radio. Redefined. Subliminal Radio™ is liberated from the censorship and geographic limitations of AM/FM radio. We play music you won’t hear on Corporate Radio. Angelenos, not algorithms. Our music is carefully curated by real people.

Subliminal Radio™ is the only station with the Megaphone button” — an exclusive feature of the Subliminal Radio™ app — that turns you into the DJ. Your voice. Your radio station!

We’re building an underground movement… with a cult following. Totally obsessed with creating moments where you’re afraid to turn off Subliminal Radio™ for fear of missing something. Subliminal Radio™ isn’t terrestrial radio… or typical internet radio… it goes beyond the boundaries of radio. We’re not a giant corporation so we’re not burdened with outdated ideas and rules.  If music is life, then Subliminal Radio™ is life support.